Clean Tunnel Air International AS designs, develops, manufactures and installs
The prime objective of the company is to contribute to a cleaner environment. To achieve this objective, CTA can offer one of the world's largest range of Electrostatic Precipitation Systems (EP-S) for road tunnels, as well as a range of EP-S for building and industrial applications.

TTo develop, manufacture and market total systems for control of air pollution in road tunnels, industrial and office applications.

Clean Tunnel Air International were the first to install a EP-S filtersystem in Norway (Oslo tunnel).

CTA partners
CTA cooperated with most trusted partners and manufacturers.

Custom-built applications
Another good example of CTA's ability to adapt to the customer needs is a installation done for the Norwegian Post. The installation was a industrial custom EP-S, designed for removal of inclosed exhaust from the trucks and vehicles at the loading terminal of the Norwegian Post in Oslo.


Filter Systems for Road Tunnels

In the road tunnel market, CTA International AS specializes in turn-key electrostatic dust precipitation systems. CTA International AS offers a unique filtration technology for the removal of dust particles from polluted air in road tunnels. The CTA Road Tunnel Dust Precipitation System is one of the most efficient systems on the market, especially at high air velocities.

Filter Systems for Industry Application

CTA uses the same technology as in the tunnel segment for air purification systems in industry. The electrostatic filters are built up in modules and are simple to adapt to the size of an existing building. CTA also supply self-contained filter systems for industry and building ventilation systems.

Installation Service and Maintenance

The CTA electrostatic filter is designed for functionality, long life and also for ease of maintenance. The electrostatic filter cells are made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel for mechanical and electrical stability.


festingFestning (Oslo, Norway)
3 lanes, 1.800 meters long tunnel in Oslo, Norway. CTA started installation in 1989 and ended in 1990. Shaft installation, total aircleaning volume 600 m3/s.


granfossGranfoss (Oslo, Norway)
3 lanes, 2.340 meters long tunnel in Oslo, Norway. Installation started in 1991 and ended in 1992. Bypass installation with a total aircleaning volume of 200 m3/s.


ekebergEkeberg I/II (Oslo, Norway)
Two 2-lane tunnels, each 1.400 meters located in Oslo, Norway. Installation started in 1993 and finished in 1995. Bypass installation with a total aircleaning volume of 500 m3/s.



Elbe Tunnel (Hamburg, Germany)
5 lanes tunnel. CTA installed a pilot plant in the Elbe Tunnel, Hamburg, Germany. Installation started and was completed in 1994.



Hell Tunnel I/II/III(Trondheim, Norway)
2 lanes, 3.900 meters long tunnel in Trondheim, Norway. Installation started and completed in 1995. Ceiling mounted installation with a total aircleaning volume of 95 m3/s.



Nygårdtunnel (Bergen, Norway)
2 lanes, 900 meters long tunnel in Bergen, Norway. Installation started in 1998 and finished in 1999. Ceiling mounted installation with a total aircleaning volume of 250 m3/s.



Chinbu Tunnel (South Korea)
2 lanes, 2.800 meters long tunnel in Chinbu, South Korea. Installation started in 1998 and finished in 1999. Bypass installation with a total aircleaning volume of 285 m3/s.



Strømsås Tunnel (Drammen, Norway)
2 lanes, 3.600 meters long tunnel in Drammen, Norway. Installation started in 2000 and completed in 2001. Ceiling mounted installation, 4 stations, with a total of aircleaning volume of 160 m3/s.



Lærdal Tunnel (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
Lærdalstunnelen, with two lanes, is the longest rock tunnel in the world. Installation of the CTA EPS started in 2000 and were finished in 2001. This was a bypass ins- tallastion with a total of aircleaning volume of 180 m3/s.


akerverdalAker Verdal (Norway)
Aker Verdal is a big shipbuilding yard in Norway. In their production hall CTA installed a EPS recycling- system to eliminate the welidinggas in the air.


postgirobyggetMain Post Central (Norway)
EPS installed to clean the air in the loading ramp area to give the working people there better conditions. The required efficiency was 60%. With our system we reached 68%.


gronerGröner Enigineering (Norway)
Gröner Engineering is located in Oslo, by the old airport Fornebu. CTA installed a EPS system to clean the air from the inled on the roof before it reach the office accommodation.



Export Finans (Norway)
Export Finans is located in the center of Oslo. CTA installed a EPS system to clean the air from the inlet on the roof before it reach the office accommodation.



Rana Metall (Norway)
A system with generators were installed to use oil for cooling by blowing air onto it. To avoid particles in the oil and be able to reuse the oil, CTA installed a EPS in the main air inlet.



NSB Main Workshop (Norway)
Installation of a recirculation system combined with EPS technology to recycle 80% of the total air volume. The system were used during the winter to avoid energy loss.



Postoffices and mailsorting centrals
CTA installed approx. 30 different installations troughout Norway. Mainly to remove paper dust particles for a better indoor working environment.


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