AirQuality is a leading air purification brand in Europe, subordinated to Spanish Herver-9 S.L. Company, with its headquarters located in Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain. AirQuality has been providing high-tech appliances and anti-static products for European clients for over 20 years.




Global R&D Lab of AirQuality
(Europe and China)

Global marketing network of AirQuality
(Europe, North America, Mexico, Japan, China and India)


AirQuality Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. is jointly founded by Spanish Herver-9 S.L Company and Super Merit Holdings Limited. Super Merit Holdings Limited has been long specializing in development and application of cleaning technologies, serving as one of the world's earliest professional institutions specializing in air purification.

AirQuality China has inherited twenty years of leading technologies of Europe in professional air electrostatic purification and established the R&D Center with an area of over 6,000m2 in Shanghai, the Asian economic power center. This Center makes in-depth and systematic research on China's unique geographic climate and urban human settlements, develops the unique core technology of "Glow Ionization" and "Micro-electrostatic" and realizes the whole-house purification through the "central purification", so as to make household and industrial clients breathe freely. It has been dedicated to the European leading technologies and serving the dynamic China.

In early 2011, AirQuality China set up marketing centers in key cities, with its core marketing network covering more than 20 provinces and regions nationwide. In the mainland China, AirQuality China has accumulated more than 2,000 well-known engineering cases. Efficient system of AirQuality China provides clients with a complete set of indoor air purification solutions including pre-sale project survey, consultation, design, field air quality detection, quality installation and debugging, maintenance and cleaning services.



Herver-9 Group was founded...


Herver-9 established AirQuality...


Herver-9 founded Prax Factory...


AirQuality Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. increased...


AirQuality China launched all series ...


AirQuality's clients include the famous real estate companies such as Wanda, Vanke, Greenland, Greentown, China Resources, Capitaland, New World, Shui On Land, Kerry and Cheung Kong Holdings, etc.

  • Top-grade hotels such as Conrad, Hilton, Sheraton, W, Marriott, Wyndham, Mandarin Oriental, etc.;
  • Office buildings of foreign enterprises such as Siemens, Clariant, Johnson Controls, Emerson and Dior, etc.;
  • Many schools, hospitals, subway and bus stations and other urban facilities.
  • Yanqi Lake Hotel for Beijing APEC, Shanghai Disneyland and Dalian Castle and other famous resorts all select the products of AirQuality.


Commercial PM2.5 Solution

  • Electrostatic purification section
    of air-conditioner unit
  • Air return purification of fan coil system
  • Purification of fresh air system

Household Application (Create non-haze residential space)

  • Household central purification
  • Fresh air purification
  • Intelligent control

Commercial Kitchen lampblack Purification

  • High-altitude emissions
    (Counting method efficiency)
  • Low-altitude emissions
    (DOP efficiency)
  • Automatic washing function


AirQuality Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1199 Yixian Road, Shanghai
Zip code: 200439
Tel: +86 21 3101 0000
E-mail: [email protected]

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