Herver-9 was orignally founded in 1996, in Barcelona-Spain. Along these years, the group has reached a stage of activities diversification ranging from manufacturing, trading, investing and share-holding. Group’s strategic plan is focused on the businesses of clean energies, electrical/electronics, durable consumer goods and financing, always under the resolution of productivity, probilitability and value maximisation.

The journey initiated in 1996 is continuously expanding and ensuring its positions in global markets and stablishing international partnerships for the own trademarks.

Herver-9’s target is to maximize the added value to its stakeholders, while running all of its activities with a social accountability focus along with the aim of satisfaction and inspitarion to its customers.


At Herver-9, we all aspire to ensure customer satisfaction and sound growth by providing world-class products and services. We want to become a symbol of trust, continuity and steem for our stakeholders: society, customers, shareholders, dealers, customers and suppliers.

Our customers in the center of everything we do. In the aim of creating value for our customers we understand the importance of prompt response to customer expectations. We take responsability of our products in the long term.

The best is what we want to be. Best quality, best service, best suppliers and best dealers. We are commited to become market leaders.

Our most important asset is our people. The quality of our people is directly related to the quality of our products and services. Our internal policies include recruitent of best talented professionals, and providing opportunities for development. We believe that a work environment that promotes productivity, co-operation and solidarity leads to optimize utilization of the talents, strenghts and creativity of our people.

Wealth creation for continuous development. Value creation for our stakeholders is one of our main principles to assure continuity of service and investments in the future.

Honesty, integrity and ethics are the foundations of our conduct. We conduct our business based on good intentions, mutual benefit and fair treatment. We are commited to conform the highest ethical and legal standards. Protection of environment is also one of our main duties for our country and planet.


Santi Roca
Selma Nallib
Marc Maneja
Pau Colomer
Jaime González